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 The Story till now

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Lady Akhamanassar
Lady Akhamanassar

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PostSubject: The Story till now   The Story till now Icon_minitimeSun Aug 19, 2007 12:55 pm

I will try to sum up some highlights on guilds story, please feel free to correct and add

Scryon recently found on the wreckage of his home, an interesting journal that belonged to his father Silir, reading trough this Journal he found out much, one of the revelations regarded his mother, after some searching and thinking he found out that Akhamanassar was his mother before she became an undead.

The diary revealed more, a terrible secret regarding his conception and birth... his purpose.

Nashirah and Genniroth became very close friends and then lovers, recently Nashirah found out she was pregnant, uncertain about what step to take, she gathered strenght and told him, Genniroth was very happy and she is changing... Presently due to some strange nightmares she seems to be warned to leave the Magisterium, a great threat to her child is about...

Skylark has returned to the guild, the wandering ranger was promptly welcomed by Akhamanassar which provoked a bit of unrest among the officers in the guild questioning what bonds did he has with the High Magistrix, some even spoke of a love relationship between them, others of pure friendship, the theories are many.

A strange elf came by when the guild was together at the Fel Crystals in Quel'Thalas, the stranger was very disrespectful and brash, Akhamanassar was very shaken at this strange and rude elf, she called the guards upon him and took a good time to recover, some say that was due to his name calling to her but others believe that was a strange over reaction.

On the next day Akhamanassar found out that the elf was Silir, Scryons father, he claimed that they loved each other before she became so obsessed with magic that they grew apart while she still lived, Silir seemed to be impressed by the way she changed, he told her her true name... a name that carried old painful memories of her past sins in order to do reach a very ambitious goal...her son...

The demon Derra, always roaming around the members of the guild seems to be after someone, a creature of the light that belongs from other planes of existance, known only as the Angel, no one knows who is exactly but what is known is that this creature has a relation with the Magisterium...

Lady Aellis, a long term friend of Akhamanassar joined the Magisterium, she was very welcomed as the official defender, she still the servant of Leyawin of the Halath but sworn allegiance to the Office of Magisterium

To be continued...
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The Story till now
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