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 Krin the Forgotten

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Krin the

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PostSubject: Krin the Forgotten   Krin the Forgotten Icon_minitimeSat Nov 03, 2007 3:57 pm

Name: Krin the Forgotten
Class: Paladin
Race: Blood Elf
Age: Unknown possibly over 200 years
Physical Characteristics: He has blonde hair that is always spiked upwards, His skin is close to pale but not quite and he is only attire is his battle armor or a simple robe with which to meditate in.

General Stuff: He distrusts new things, he hates change in general. Krin is usually in a somber/pessimistic mood and there are few people he trusts. His reaction to new people is usually harsh and he is quick to make judgements.

His story

Chapter 1

Krin's early life was one of a passionate youth adventuring alongside a group of companions known as the Ronae Selama. They often bickered amongst themselves but they were united in constantly searching for new ways to test themselves in battle. He spent many years with them till eventually a demon of the nether offered him the gift of eternal youth, all he had to give in return was a book. This book was actualy the Saberius Daemonicus, A book that could be used to summon many demons without the great drain usually associated with the task. The book was in possesion of the leader of Ronae Selama, Syrinx. Krin tried to secretly procure the book but he was caught and forced to kill Syrinx or else his secret would be revealed. He crept out that night with a heavy heart. There was one who saw him though, a warlock of immense power known as Calcobrina. She followed Krin and watched as Krin handed the book over to the demon and recieved his gift. In Krin's moment of triumph she deadly and swift, Sealing his soul inside a stone then hurling it into Southfury river.

Chapter 2

Krin spent many years adrift in the river and eventually in the ocean. During this time he honed his mana skills after learning that even though he was sealed inside the stone he could still manipulate and even destroy objects outside it using his magic.

To Be continued....(Mainly becuase i gotta go to a brithday party and i dont want all this typing to go to waste afro ))
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Krin the

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PostSubject: Krin the forgotten part 2   Krin the Forgotten Icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2007 8:25 am

Shapter 2 (continued)

After many years adrift in the ocean Krin's soulstone was found by a blood elf warlock. This warlock then foolishly broke the stone and released Krin's spirit which in turn took over the body of the warlock and reshaping it to Krin's liking. In this new body and free once more to roam Krin set out to find battle and avenge himself. He eventually tracked down the Ronae Selama but upon reaching them he relized that all the faces he knew were gone having died many years before. The feats of the old band were still remembered though and they were preached in to all the newer recruits but it seemed Krin was simply erased from the history of the guild. His actions and feats were recorded no where and when he asked what had become of his story the Ronae Selama just looked at him in confusion. Thus did Krin take on the mantle of the forgotten.

Chapter 3

For the next few years Krin laid low and just did small side jobs here and there and shying away from other living beings instead choosing to take solace with the dead in Gallows End Tavern. It is here that he was found by Verip, Dark father of the demonscar cult. For a time Krin and Verip where like brothers constantly watching each others back and perfoming miraculous deeds but they eventually for some unexplained reason started meeting fewer and fewer times till at one point they didnt see each other at all. Krin then decided that his time with the cult was over and he proceeded to look for a new home. He had remembered hearing small tibits of converasation about a forsaken known as Lady Ahkamanassar who leads a guild called the Magisterium. He had been helped greatly by her once so he set out to find her and join her ranks.

(( And thats all folks!! lol! ))
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Krin the Forgotten
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