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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction Icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2007 1:27 pm

Solanas enters the room, keeping his hands at his side. His gaze quickly scans about the room, his eyes narrowing a moment as he steps in. He lets out a cough, lowering his head before quickly straightening out into an 'at attention' posture. He gives the Blood elf salute, slamming his gaunleted fist over his chestpiece.

"I am Solanas Tel'enorai, former Knight-Lord to the Sunscarred Battalion. Some of you may have heard of me, others, perhaps not." He lowers his fist, standing striaght. He takes deep breath before speaking again.

"I was brought upon you, by none other then your Lord Keivah, due to certain circumstances regarding a voice, and a name." He shakes his head a moment, closing his dull green eyes. "I am a Blood Knight, Former Knight-Lord within the Order, and of my own personal Battalion, that has fallen due to things that I wish to not speak of."

He pivots his foot, stepping backwards with another sigh. "Forget formalities, and the things I was taught. Apparently, these are not who I am, just what I am."

Solanas moves a hand to his face, pulling off his armored crown and sets it aside. "Nothing.." he whispers to himself quietly, "..thats what I am.." he growls to himself, shaking his head. "No." He mutters. He looks back, his originally stern features relaxed, showing his youthful appearance.

"Truth be told, as much as I was thought to believe. I'm not what I appear, this armor, this manner. Not who I am, just what I was taught to be." He sighs heavily, unhooking the harness across his chest, letting his spear hook and sword sheath drop behind him.

"I.." he pauses, sighing once more and bringing a hand to his goatee, and stroking it once. "I am, nothing. Nothing that you see before you, my superiors have seen this. I was once lead to believe that I was to be this, stuck-up snob, of my former self."

He turns around, looking toward the door, he turns his head again. " Nothing, but a child. Who was given far too much power, and not a single second to live his life." He pivots once, turning about before facing the front again. "My life, was filled with more pain then most of you could even think of." His features become stern, and rigid once more. "But my past is my own. My life is my own. I don't even know why I began speaking of it."

Solanas reaches for his armored-crown, pulling it over his face. Then for his harness, pulling it over his chest and buckling it. "I am here, to..find where my heart belongs. To seek my destiny, and uphold the glory of the Sin'Dorei." he cracks his neck with a series of loud pops, bending his shoulders backwards and stretching them out as well. "That's all you should know. Perhaps, one day, my past will come back to haunt me. And then, will you find more about me."

With that, he turns on one heel and marches back toward the door.


An hour after his departure, Solanas is seen in Eversong(Name?) Forest, sitting in a tree and brooding to himself. He sighs to himself, shaking his head. "Can't..Can't bring such things back to my mind." he whispers to himself. "But I know it'll wind up comming up. Just like with the curse that Serralia and Elochai spoke of." he grumbles to himself. "My mind, my past, everything..It will come back..It always does..With everything I do." He continues to mumble, shaking his head and furrowing his brow.

"Damn it, Noellene." He snaps to himself, "This is your doing, your training, your ignorance. Your lies to me." He slams his gauntleted fist into the side of the tree, growling loudly to himself. "Your fault, those other students, the death of my mother. Everything. Everything that I had to go through, and that pompous fool I call a father, Belore curse his soul."

He clenches his fist, slamming it into the side of the tree again, growling loudly at the pain inflicted by it. "Everything.." he whispers, exhaling loudly through his nose.

He then moves his other hand to his face, breathing hard as if to hold back tears. "Everything, you said to me, everything you did to me. Everything you put me through." he continues on, "I should kill you. I almost killed you, but, for what? Killing you won't ease the pain in my mind, erase the memories and give me back the childhood that was killed the moment my father put me under your pageship."

He sighs loudly, moving his fist back and gripping a branch to ease himself down from the tree. He turns away, from it walking back toward Silvermoon. At a quick glance, one could almost tell that he was crying.
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