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 The Wrath of The Fierce

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PostSubject: The Wrath of The Fierce   The Wrath of The Fierce Icon_minitimeTue Dec 04, 2007 10:06 pm

Silence. Dusk. Nothing in sight.
Shattrah was quiet, the cities denizens slept peacefully. The Draenei, bold strong and confident, had all stolen away to their teir upon the hills. The Scryers, elegant and powerful in their speech and actions, had done the same. The lifts to both teirs moved silently, powered by the magick of both races. He stood upon the Scryer's lift as it descended slowly, his presence unknown to all. The bank had sealed itself off for the night, as did the Terrace of Light which the Sha'tar and its power resided in. The stranger pulled his hood further over his face, covering his eyes, and leaving no visible traces of a face. His stride was long and demanded respect, as he made his way to the east of the city, towards the Lower City walkways.

The morning broke over the blackened hills of the Ghostlands, and she awoke. The blood elf woman with fair golden hair that fell to each side of her face, parted down the middle, and with golden earrings that each gripped a tight emerald once given to her by one she cared about, had one thought on her mind as she woke. The dream was there again, she had felt every movement, every detail, and it left her curious. Had he been real? Had he survived? She missed him so much and it grieved her every time she heard of him, or dreamt of him. This time was different, Kokuei Sykian might have survived the incident and if he had, she needed to find him. Gathering her effects which included a large red and black, rune-adorned axe, and her money, from near the door of her tent, she left to find Adege.

Adege, the commander of a small platoon, stationed in a hardly-populated area of the Ghostlands, cursed under his breath about the cold of the morning, and saw his best warrior making her way to him.
"Anasia!" he called out, attracting her attention. "Aye Adege?" she responded when she came into speaking distance, "I have a job for you to do for me in a bit, if you don't mind." he said, with a smile on his face. Anasia knew Adege didn't give a damn if she minded or not, he'd still make her do the job, but she responded with a firm tone, "I've got my own things to do Adege. I'm leaving the platoon today." Adege was taken back by the news, "Excuse me? I was not aware that you had spoken to anyone of this." Anasia knew it wouldn't be easy, but she had to leave. "I didn't sire. I've decided such this morning, and I have a just reason. You may not know of such, but if you have any problem, you can send your complaints to Kaz' "

Adege figured that arguing was hopeless, she had mentioned Kaz' and Kaz' had power over him. "Well, I suppose there is no fighting you. You're set, and I haven't seen you set like that since.." His voice trailed off, knowing it'd hurt her again to say his name. She had lost him forever ago and somehow the fact that she still couldn't bear hearing his name irked him.

Glad to be rid of Adege, Anasia set off from her post and set her sights on Silvermoon City, from there she could plot her next course based on the people she met. Her destination was Shattrah, City of War. Her dream had told her to go, and she wouldn't deny her destiny.

Shattrah bustled as the first morning's business was dealt with. The Sha'tar spoke with new adventurers about pillaging Arcatraz and Coilfang.
The Sha'tari Skyguard hollered out ideals and propaganda in hopes to recruit more for their cause, and the occasional yell from Cro Theadstrong complaining about the fruit vendor being in his way, and stealing his business. The stranger made his way through a crowd, a man set in his sights, a man bathing in gold, and flaunting his riches. A foolish man. Didn't he know? He was in Shattrah, no one here was truthful, save the Sha'tar, but they had no bodily form. The stranger hid behind the second wall of the bank entrance, listening to the man speak.
"Ah, but the business is good there, why would we pull out? Besides we are top of our game. We can afford to lose a little." the gold-hungry man said to a goblin. "Yea bub, but thats not the case, a price has been put on your head by The Det'chikage." the gold-man was taken back but the goblins words "Th-..The Det'chikage?!" The news shocked him, and the stranger smiled, it was time. He took his stride, and turned the corner with his hood over his face, hands clasped at his back, his jet black cloak flowing closely behind him, and as he came closer he spoke, "Greetings gentlemen, I must say, you are both finely clad this day, perhaps you are nobles of a house?" The stranger spoke with a delayed voice that seemed enclosed and low. The goblin turning to the stranger gave him one hard look, and was short enough to see under the stranger's hood, he noticed his eyes, they glowed, one green, one yellow. "Er..Yea..Thanks bub, but I don't think I'm gonna be stickin' around any longer Chaz, I have some busines to take care of."

Chaz, the gold-man finally had a name. The stranger turned to Chaz with a devilish grin on his face, and within the snap of two fingers, Chaz was on the ground, and the stranger was gone. Chaz' neck split open suddenly, spewing blood over the jade-grey ground of Shattrah city. His purse gone, his eyes removed.

Anasia doubled over in pain as her head began to throb, something was wrong somewhere yet she couldn't place where, the thought hurt her more as she strained to stand back up. The pain brought her back down to the ground and overtook her as she fell into a painful sleep on the gold path to Silvermoon City.
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The Wrath of The Fierce
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