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 A Rainy Night in Orgrimmar

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PostSubject: A Rainy Night in Orgrimmar   A Rainy Night in Orgrimmar Icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2008 8:31 pm

Its late evening and raining in Orgrimmar, making the Cleft of Shadows look and feel more dangerous and foreboding than normal. Only one figure is braving the dark streets at this time of night, though not only braving them but seemingly oblivious to the myriad of threats they contain as he walks leisurely down the road. Whistling softly to himself as he opens up a tavern door, the figure throws back his soaking wet hood to reveal an angular face complete with the usual high prominent cheekbones and defined jaw line of the Sin’dorei. Surveying the room with a friendly smile that seems completely out of place in an establishment such as this, the young blood elf runs a hand through his short, bright white hair that ends in grey unruly spikes. Apparently satisfied with his surroundings he takes a seat by the only other patron currently at the establishment, a heavily scarred orc in tattered leathers and two daggers at his belt.

“Barkeep, two flagons of mead for me and my new friend here.”

The young elf flashes a bright smile to the orc, but it and the bought drink only earn a cursory nod in thanks. The barkeep sets the flagons down wearily and a bit testily, clearly wishing both patrons would leave so he could simply call it a night. With a sigh, the barkeep disappears off to the backroom, so determined for a break he fails to gather up the coins the blood elf has left in payment on the countertop. The elf watches him go intently, waiting for him to fully enter the backroom before he slides a flagon towards the orc, palming the top as he does so. Grabbing his own drink, the elf offers a brief raise of his glass and takes a long gulp. Smiling as he sets the mead back down onto the bar, the elf speaks, “name’s Veles Sunseeker.” Undeterred by the orc’s refusal to offer up his own name or even acknowledge his very presence, Veles continues on, pausing only to stop and notice that the orc makes a pinched face at the taste of the mead. “Odd House name I know for one who does his business best in the absence of the sun…I most assuredly will not be seeking out the sun thank you very much...though I suppose it implies a bit of curiosity as well which does suit.” Veles gives a soft shrug to himself, either not hearing or outright ignoring the orc’s frustrated sigh as he rattles on.

“That name has given me nothing but trouble either…way I understand it our ancestors were high and mighty some time ago, but all we have is the very name at this wealth to speak of and very little property…actually just one run down manor.” The orc begins to rub at the bridge of his nose wearily but after a quick sip of mead the elf continues on undaunted, “most of the family were resigned to this state of being but I suppose there had to be one ambitious relative to come along, and that one did in the form of my dear uncle. I came under his charge at a young age after my father, to honorable for his own good, fell in battle fighting for some meaningless prize I am sure. My mother, I think, did not enjoy the prospect of raising me on her own so when my uncle offered to take me off her hands she readily agreed.”

After taking a drink from the flagon, pausing just long enough to give his drinking partner hope that the silence will be permanent, Veles begins anew with his story, “things were…awkward at first but it was pleasant, though all that soon changed when it became clear just why he wanted a young scion of the family around. My uncle wished to see our House regain the wealth of ages past by any means necessary and as I came of age I was to be his aide in making this come to fruition…handling the more unsavory tasks so he could remain at a comfortable distance.” Sparing a faint smirk he continues, “and handle them I did…most of the time I had not the faintest idea why I was doing a particular task but eventually I began to piece together that my uncle was dealing with the Burning Legion in order to bring our House back to prominence.” Veles stares pointedly at the orc for a long moment, who begins to shift a bit uncomfortably atop his bar stool. “after some maneuvering to not have myself implicated in his schemes I let slip some information to the right people and sure enough my uncle was taken off into custody…leaving me free more or less.”

Veles drains the last of his mead in one long draught and grins towards the orc, “it was rough going finding work all by my lonesome, and I won’t lie and claim I did not get cheated from time to time. But now? I think I have the hang of it…been doing all sorts of jobs for all types of organizations. Take Orgrimmar for instance…seems they have a little trouble with this group called the Burning Blade.” With a wink towards the orc, Veles asks, “but you wouldn’t know anything about that would you?” Suddenly the orc springs off of his bar stool and looks as if he is going to draw his blades before stopping short and clutching at his throat as if choking. Veles spares a glance towards the backroom and tosses his hood back over his head, making a soft tsking sound as he stands, “you would think your organization would pick a little more astute operatives…the funny taste in your drink, and the laying out of my life story,” the elf grins, “as if anyone walking in this place is going to tell their tale to anyone that’s going to live out the night.” With a disappointed shake of the head towards the orc, Veles begins to walk out not even bothering to watch as the Burning Blade operative collapses to the floor. Abruptly he stops and snaps his fingers, muttering to himself as he steps over the fallen orc and scoops up his coins on the bar, “no reason to leave all those lying there…” Sliding the silver back into his waist pouch, Veles begins whistling once more and heads back out into the rain.
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A Rainy Night in Orgrimmar
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