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 The Curse of the Sands (Part 2)

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The Curse of the Sands (Part 2) Empty
PostSubject: The Curse of the Sands (Part 2)   The Curse of the Sands (Part 2) Icon_minitimeTue Mar 18, 2008 5:22 pm

Amerie found it was going to be harder than she thought to get into the city. The guard’s patrols were larger now, and more in a group. She dismounted her horse and changed into her disguise. Her laced vest covering her silk white shirt, with her light purple slacks, bringing up the rear. She noticed a scar in her right hand, in the palm she had a large gash, and though it didn’t bleed you could see the bone and muscle beneath. “That damned bear” she said quietly to herself. Undoing the ponytail and mussing her hair she began her walk towards the town on the beaten path. She would pass for a human for a while, though she’d do best to stay away from most of them. Her only defense was her wrist-blade that she concealed beneath the shirt, her pack carrying the rest of her belongings, which included her armor and her weapons. The town’s spire came into view and she could smell the sea. The Broken Axe sat in the port, large, brown and noble. How beautiful a ship it would be if she were a human. Stuffing her pack into her shirt, and closing her eyes, she concentrated hard on becoming nothing. Her feet were the first to go. They disappeared as if never there in the first place, the shadow consuming her from feet up, by the time it reached her head she was completely invisible. She began walking again, slowly so as not to disturb the ground beneath her, and headed into the port. A large line formed alongside the gates of the port as a man near the gate took tickets and observed passes from the nobles. She took a hard look at the entrance and realized she wouldn’t be able to fit without being seen. Sighing quietly she headed towards the entrance, picking up speed as she broke into a full run she dove into the entrance with amazing grace. Her tiny frame squeezed through the space in between the man taking tickets, and the man handing one to him.

“Oi! Quite a breeze we’re havin’ today ain’t it Jack?” the man handing his ticket exclaimed. Amerie hit the ground and rolled, in doing so her stealth seems to just fade away, and in one last act of grace she rolled into a stand and was walking again with her pack over her back.

“I dunno’ Ernie, wasn’t breezy a second ago...” Amerie walked up the gangplank and onto the boat. Heading into the lower bunker she hid herself amongst the cargo, with the boxes and sacks. She closed her eyes once more and began to meditate, the bustle of the boat above her, and the cold sea below her.
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The Curse of the Sands (Part 2)
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