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 The Curse of the Sands (Part 7, the ending)

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The Curse of the Sands (Part 7, the ending) Empty
PostSubject: The Curse of the Sands (Part 7, the ending)   The Curse of the Sands (Part 7, the ending) Icon_minitimeTue Mar 18, 2008 5:31 pm

The desert, where you have no trace, is where your history is buried. Things that happen in the desert tend to stay in the desert; nothing rises back up from the sand. Among things buried in the sand, stories remain buried when laid to rest. The story of Tuya, and Zii will always remain.

Zii and Syri ruled the Detch’kage for nineteen decades after the death of Tuya. The sand shot at Zii in Tuya’s final moments blinded Zii for eternity. Tuya decreed that Zii would never see truth again, yet in truth, Zii only saw truth for the rest of his life. Amerie lived on for an identical nineteen decades, when she requested Zii lay her to rest one final time. Amerie lies in the untouched grounds of One-Thousand Wishes. The same resting place as her parents. Syri and Zii lived for over Seventy decades after the death of Tuya when they finally passed on in eachothers arms. They were laid to rest next to Amerie.
Doga’ was left as the leader of the Detch’kage for years after. He took his leave into the mountains of Alterac, and was never seen after.
The detch’kage was broken one hundred years after the disappearance of Doga’ and was never heard from again.
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The Curse of the Sands (Part 7, the ending)
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