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PostSubject: Aenen   Aenen Icon_minitimeTue Aug 21, 2007 6:27 am

Aenen comes from a long line of powerful mages. The family has structured itself to be something of a clan, with the oldest male as the leader. Each memer of the family is forbidden to use the last name of the clan until they show a certain degree of mastery over their art. Aenen hopes to be the youngest member to ever hold the family name. Aenen was born and raised as the middle sibling of three brothers. He decided long ago that he would persue water magic while his older brother, by five years, studied arcane magic and his younger brother, by three years, played with fire magic. Aenen, in pursuit of his goal, began studying magic at the young age, for elves at least, of thirty. Each of the three brothers was tutored by family friends. Daedriella was a water mage of some renown that tutored Aenen. Aenen had always been home in the water and frequently played with water elementals his father summoned for him. He grasped the concept of water magic quite easily and sped past many of his peers. A year before the scourge invasion, the boys' mothers entrusted each with a dragonhawk hatchling. Aenen received the golden one, Laureanen (golden water), while his elder brother received a silver one, and his younger one received a red one. When the scourge invaded, Aenen's parents and all three of the mentors died defending Silvermoon. His mother's dying words were "Protect the dragonhawks with your lives, my boys, don't let them die." The three knew right then that the dragonhawks were special. Aenen hopes he will find the answers he seeks with the help of the Magesterium, along wth the chance to further his abilities.
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