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 Kurios Takashimi

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Kurios Takashimi

Kurios Takashimi

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PostSubject: Kurios Takashimi   Kurios Takashimi Icon_minitimeMon Apr 14, 2008 2:33 pm

Name: Kurios Takashimi
Age: 30
Race: Blood Elf.
Class: Paladin

Character Appearance: Stern and bold. Holyness and Mystique surround this man.

Traits of note: He walks with a bold stride, always wary of his surroundings. He does not look like a full blood Sin'dorei and has an odd accent. He will get mad if bad is spoken against the Night Elves.

Player OOC notes: ((Okay this is not about my character but about me. My computer got hacked and freezes and crashes often. I'll be getting my fathers soon. I really don't know much of the world of warcraft other then what I have hard and tipets I've read.))

Character Bio

Kurios was born in the forests of Tendrassil of a Night Elf mother and a Blood Elf father. He has a half blood brother with features of a Night elf named Aviandor. He left Tendrassil and raised himself in Falconwing Square. He was found in the streets of Silvermoon City by a Blood Knight and was seen with potential, therefore he was trained in the ways of light. He was adopted by the Blood knight who found him (Ithelis). In his travels, he came across Tendrassil and came across his mother, Bonreiu. His father was with her as was his brother. They told Kurios of his heritage and he accepted it. He speaks not of his heratige and if asked, he speaks not of his real family.
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Kurios Takashimi
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