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 Sephiron's Scars

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after a few days of his birth he was left on the doorstep of an orphanage. learned to fight with his bare hands at a young age, fighting with with other children at the orphanage for fun, he grew quite proficient at it. as a young teen he was bought as a slave, a slave to fight and win his master money, he was trained in hand to hand combat with the best the money could buy. as a young adult he began fighting and never lost his reputaion grew as did his master's, traveling the world as a pit fighter. years passed as well as several fights, unbeaten. his master finnally grew a conciance and set him free, saying "a tamed beast can never reach its full potential, NOW GO!" running away with wolves at his heels he stumbled upon an academy, where people of his kind learned and studied their class.
they took him in and fed him and nursed him back to full health. after hearing his story they offerd him a spot in the academy, all he had to do was choose one, he looked around saying "hmm...paladin....naa too goody two shoed for me...hunter...heh was never a good shot...preist....your kidding me right?....mage...ill most likly accidentally set myself or someone else on fire...warlock...not to fond of demons...." then finnally looked at the rouge..."perfect" he smiled as he walked over to the rogue training area. for years he trained, then finnally he was hired to be an assain, he accepted but after a few missions didnt really like it so he went to his boss "is there anything else i can do?" his boss thought for a momentthen replied "actually there is, a body guard position just opend up"
"ill take it" he said from then on he was a bodyguard for hire, years he worked at that position, never letting anyone get harmed untill one day he was assinged to a young huntress named Maghdalen, he was love struck at the first sight of her and protected her with extreme care,even saving her lifefrom the scourge. they got to know each other by the end of the mission, soon after they started dating. after a few years of dating and his job, the little company he worked for dissolved and he was free once more, and instanly went to Maghdalen's side aiding her and protecting her still, now they are engaged and living happily together
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Sephiron's Scars
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