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 Collaborative Interaction Guild Policy

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Lady Akhamanassar
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PostSubject: Collaborative Interaction Guild Policy   Collaborative Interaction  Guild Policy Icon_minitimeTue Aug 28, 2007 8:41 am

Greetings people

Recently we felt a need to estabilish certain rules to collaborative storyline development, why?

Because, differently from the PnP RPG games, where you have a game master that creates the main plot alone and that has NPC as characters and is benefitted by the golden rule.

The MMORPGs are wonderful for you weave stories together, each one has a character and share the role of game master and player since your character is exposed to other peoples character interaction without a golden rule pointing at the overcoming of the events.

It is challenging and is good, so as guild policy we will have the following.

* Be clear as to IC and OOC, and dont mix them, some characters might be snobbish, aggressive or dense, that doesnt mean the player is, so for the good of the community, if you are unsure, before taking as offense ask if it was ooc or ic, and be sure to use the notation for OOC, always.

* Dont let things trough screen, yes sometimes we immerse ourselves so deep into our characters that a IC situation reflects on our mood just like music and movies that makes us cry, we are subject to some emotions in roleplaying, keep that in mind, so if you feel at any point that things are going trough, stop a while and reflect upon it, remember that as to avoid conflicts for not everybody has the same level of immersion.

* OOC can help IC, yes sometimes you must go a little ooc, with the proper notation of course, as to clarify your characters behavior, or thoughts or anything

* Help as a good game master, if you are interacting with a demonologist is fair to presume that he feels that little demonic blood vial you got hidden on yourself, your character doesnt have to win all time, the story is nice with some falls so, whisper the player like *being a demonologist you sense some strange energy coming from one of the bags in Char1* dont suppose too much , if in doubt , just discuss ooc and then decide, also rolling dice can be a good way to set disputes =)

* Dont meta game - meta game is when you know something OOC but your character would not know o be aware, Example.
when someone emotes like / says nothing and look away, he thinks that is a liar. Well this is more to add to the writting, to flavor it than to actually be perceived, i so wouldnt know the thoughts of other , but he would sense the other looked away, depending on the context the fact of looking away would not be noticed, so use you logic.

* Dont power play or god mode - we have many powerful characters in the guild, very special ones and well, it is ok since we are supposed to be heroes, but there are two things that are very tricky in mmorpg the Power Play and the God Mode

pushes on the water running away and giggling

This is wrong because Char' is deciding that he actually manages to push Char2 - that meaning god mode- and decides that gets away with it not giving a chance to interaction and supposing his char is swifter and nimbler- meaning power play

tries to push into the water, waiting to run away once his mischief is done

This is right, you "try" to do something and you ready an action , that is to run away, without necessarily being able to.

so before the outcome of action it offers a sight of what Char1 will do, and a chance to Char2 to either go along or to avoid it rp wise, is always a good thing to explain if it happens like.

dodges the priest, as she is a rogue of high skill

and if the players cant decide who wins the actions?? Then we would have something like

tries to push into the water, waiting to run away once his mischief is done

sees coming and tries do dodge swiftly

then you go /roll and compare the results

if this happens is probably because at the given circunstance all could happen regarding that action without a clear outcome

*mind the characters - every one of us decide how our character is, it is good rp to mind the details of other characters and RP then.. Example

Zhahur is a very very big troll and he comes to speak with Char1 , it is a good RP thing if Char1's player goes like

""Char1 looks at Zhahur, the big troll approaches, Char 1 looks up so he can see the Trolls eyes.""

Supposing Char1 was taller than Zhahur , he would simply replace the last phrase with something like...

....Char1 meets the Trolls eyes not having to lower his head so much as usual for that Troll is really big

To mind the other characters traits add color to the world and everyone gets happy for a character in MMORPG has to do with interaction and acknowledgment

I think it covers mostly, if anything else, I post later =)

Good bye
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Collaborative Interaction Guild Policy
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