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 Guild Ranks - Explained

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PostSubject: Guild Ranks - Explained   Guild Ranks - Explained Icon_minitimeTue Aug 14, 2007 3:01 am

The ranks are as follows

the 3 first ones

Initiate - Acolyte - Adept regard the newcomers on the guild, the character will be promoted according to their involvement with the guild as a whole meaning:frequency of roleplaying, espontaneous or on set events, as well as commitment regarding mutual aid, ideas offered etc - the promotions wil not be hasted, the idea is a good trial time

the other 3

3rd 2nd 1st circle are according to the level range

3rd Circle is 1-57 - pre outlands
2nd Circle is 58-69 - outlands
1st Circle are 70s

The remaining 2, Magister and Inner Circle are officers and they differ RP wise, being the Magister means to be Sin'dorei among other rp wise things, the inner circle is more flexible RP wise but technically they are the same, all of them are officers

The rankings in the guild are aiming at RP, and trying to organize things , but oocly all in the guild have voice and are welcome ALL members to, give your contribuition and ideas, it is important to remind that the guild is formed of a group, we are a group and shall any problems arise we are to solve as to make our association pleasant to all =)

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Guild Ranks - Explained
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