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 Chained by Fate

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PostSubject: Chained by Fate   Chained by Fate Icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2007 1:44 pm

Chapter 1 - Past

Every Arch angel is created for a specific virtue or ideal; Uriel is the angel of repentance; Raphael the angel of life and joy; Ramiel the angel of Mercy... the only 2 exceptions are Michael and Gabriel(le). Michael is the general of the angelic army, Gabrielle is the Messenger of god; this is her dream...

Charged with venturing the planes, Gabrielle sees all things; war and famine, love and peace; worlds created and destroyed. Eons pass and the angel decides to sit for a moment and rest; to find pleasure in watching the creation of the planet that would be called Azeroth. Looking down upon the planet; she notices that the living energy of the planet is a manifest entity instead of a philosophical concept as on most planets. Taking a closer look she can see the creatures of the world gathering around the energy and use it for their own desires; and she gets an idea. So much was she intrigued by this planet and its people; that she desired to walk amongst them, but she had duties that would keep her from this. Taking some of this life energy into her hands, Gabrielle created a likeness of herself and whispered into its ear "You will be my body, go now and grow; become strong that you may house me". This done, Gabrielle smiled to herself as a new life opened its eyes for the first time and she could see those around her...

The High elven priestess held the baby in her arms, how the newborn had found itself in Azshara's temple no one could understand, but there is was; an elf babe with skin of the palest marble and hair like snow powder. "We will call you Leyawin, for surely you are a messenger from the gods;" the baby laughs. Growing up the elf maiden spent almost all of her time in the temple; given robes to hide her outlandish appearance she studied under the priestess. From an early age Leyawin knew she was different; not only because all her community were taller or had skin in the hue of violet or blue; but because she could see things...she would get glimpses of what would happen to someone right before it happened, or would know where they had just been and what they had been doing. She started hearing voices as if the people around her were talking; but nothing was said; soon she realized it was their thoughts she was hearing. Not their surface thoughts; but the true honest feelings of their soul, their beliefs and their dreams. And then the most outlandish yet familiar voice filled her mind, a voice that had been there from the very beginning "You're almost ready, fear not"...Gabrielle turned to Azrael "She is tied to the well, she must leave before it's too late; give her to the weavers".

That night a man came to her, his skin was pale as stone and his hair was the darkest velvet "Come with me and all will be as it should be" Leyawin took his hand and the world around her faded into nothingness.
There seemed to be no beginning or end to this place she stood; no floor no ceiling; in front of her she could see many figures all with fair skin, all around them was this translucent light, a stream of pale colors like stardust writhing around them. " They are Helath, as are you now"the man beside her faded away leaving her to ponder this. meant "fate weaver"; Leyawin was confused and scared, but she was also intrigued.
Leyawin spent the next many years in this void between the real and the philosophical; taking the strands of fate; she learned to manipulate and control life, weave fates together; all in the grand tapestry that was existence. Everything she was taught told her not to interfere, it was her job to thread and every so often Azrael would pass by her and cut the thread and tell her to start somewhere new. As she started again; she couldn’t help but notice the others kept her from the strands that were Azeroth’s fate every time. Curious, she waited till the others were busy and looked over to tapestry of Azeroth and horror grew in her eyes; the tapestry described a great evil polluting the life energy. As she looked onward she could see the plague get stronger and stronger until the tapestry became wrought of dark and vile images.
She screamed at the others, begged for them to say why they didn’t tell her; Azrael tried to calm her but Gabrielle’s power was in her so she easily pushed him away and entered back into the planets waking world. Azrael moved to follow but one of the angels held his shoulder and pointed at the tapestry…Azrael began to weep.

Standing once again in the temple of Azshara, Leyawin could hardly recognize anything; a great battle was raging in the halls. Her nether form hid her from view as she watched a young elven male *she knew at once his name was Illidan* take a vial of the well and run off. Something inside her trembled, the magics of the well were becoming unstable and somehow this caused her to become sick, her form wavered.
The battle outside became stronger and the well of eternity begins to spill over and become a vortex; leyawin’s fear heightens as she finds herself frozen in place; unable to move for some unknown reason. A brilliant flash of energy washes over Leyawin and the last thing she could hear was a voice in her mind, the same voice that had always been there; it screamed “ Noooo!!!!!!!

Time passes, people live, they love, they die…she dreams

All is forgotten; Leyawin opens her eyes and looks at her fair colored hand for a moment before standing under the shade of a pleasantly green tree. “I’m missing something…” she quietly says; the woman on her right looks off into the sky and doesn’t hear her…
“Aellis; have I always been here?” the woman glances over to Leyawin; a confused expression on her face “How should I know”…they look at each other for a moment than laugh lightly “You ready for this?” Aellis asks as she pulls a greatsword from the ground;
“Just kill the damn thing already” Leyawin mockingly replies; they rush toward the undead ghouls laughing…
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PostSubject: Re: Chained by Fate   Chained by Fate Icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2007 2:35 pm

Nhoo I loved it Leya =D tis nice =D hope you put more soon !
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Chained by Fate
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