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 Orc of Shadow... Redeemer of Light.. Part two

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Orc of Shadow... Redeemer of Light.. Part two Empty
PostSubject: Orc of Shadow... Redeemer of Light.. Part two   Orc of Shadow... Redeemer of Light.. Part two Icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2007 7:48 pm

"It has been several months since the dreams occured, oh how naive I was then.. beleiving that I could protect myself with an axe HA!, what a fool I was. I am learning how to control the shadow, Gul'dan is teaching me, though he has little more than six months experience over me he knows much more than I could hope to grasp already, he shares his plans with me, for he is my master, I shall help him shape this world and rally the Orcs under his banner.. I mean Ner'zuhl's" Sarlinked wondered to himself before setteling into his cot.

Sarlinked concluded his summoning training for the day as he resummoned his imp companion Rulgup, speaking to the imp he spoke "You know you are my ally, those other mindless creatures are purely minions."

His imp always ready to play at Sarlinked in hopes of getting more of this so called food, though he didn't need it he enjoyed the taste of it "Well master, it does hurt me so, I wish you would just spend time with me, it would be so much easier"

"Maybe you are right Rulgup, shall I save you a hunk of meat for tonight?"

"If you insist master."

Sarlinked walked down the hall towards the mess hall in hopes of getting food today, it was getting harder as Gul'dan brought more students into the fortress.

"I will always be his apprentice, I will work harder, always harder, I will never let him down" Sarlinked whispered to himself as he entered the empty mess hall to eat.

"Master I have perfected the succubus" exclaimed Sarlinked.

"Excellent, I expect you to perfect the Felhunter by next week, this one took you much to long"

All emotions draining from his face Sarlinked calmly whispered "yes master."

Sarlinked kept traning daily in hopes of pleasing his master when Gul'dan came running in "Sarlinked, we are leaving tommorow, alert the other students"

Sarlinked replied in nervous gulps "Yes master"

It had been several days since they had left Shadowmoon Valley, Gul'dan refused to tell Sarlinked where they were going, what his plans were, only that an ardous task was ahead of them, several more days past as they continued, until arriving in Hellfire penisula, as Gul'dan informed Sarlinked. there a ginat stone structure stood, with Orcs of differing sizes milling about it.

"Master, what is that giant stature for?"

"The portal my apprentice, with that we will conquer worlds in our name, and in the name of Kil'jaeden"

"Yes master" replied Sarlinked, with renewed enthusiasm, the thought of conquering seemed to wet an appetite within him that he had not known existed, he later would come to call it bloodlust.

Sarlinked was placed as an overseer at the portal, ensuring that the components for the ritual would be prepared, as the year went by Sarlinked realized how large an endeavour this was, as the mighty Orc Clans began to gather around the portal Sarlinked wondered how long it would be until he passed through the portal himself.

15 long years it had been, preparing the portal. he had never realized what he had seen in the beggining was just a small section of it. He reveled in it's size as he finished the last parts of the preperation of the ritual. it had taken him 15 years of practice and experimenting with his Master to ensure a proper portal was produced. Though Sarlinked noticed a certain level of madness growing in his master.

"Master, what will happen when we go through the portal?" Asked sarlinked one day.

"You shall see my apprentice, you shall see."

Finnaly it was the day of reckoning, the day the portal was to be produced. Sarlinked prepared himself for the ritual and focused his mind on what was needed, as a young orc came in to make him aware he was needed he donned his robes and exited his hut.

"Today my fellow Warlocks... we shall open a portal" Gul'dan began "A portal ripe for the taking a world that shall soon be ours!"

"Position yourselfs" Called out Sarlinked "We have no time to waste"

As Sarlinked was about to begin the ritual he noticed a streaking of white along the sky and it was gone... with that Sarlinked began the ritual with his master.. that would soon prove deadly to Azeroth

((Sorry if some of the dates don't add up.. I'm not entirely sure on some of it, but it gives you the basic idea.))
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Orc of Shadow... Redeemer of Light.. Part two
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