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 Orc of shadow... Redeemer of Light Part 3

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Orc of shadow... Redeemer of Light Part 3 Empty
PostSubject: Orc of shadow... Redeemer of Light Part 3   Orc of shadow... Redeemer of Light Part 3 Icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2007 8:07 pm

((I'm on a roll third part in one night))

Sarlinked wallowed in his cell in the fortress, it had been 20 years since he had seen that glimpse of light before the ritual, oh how he wished he had heeded it.

"Quit wallowing it's testing time" called out the warden.

Sarlinked stood in his rags as he listened to the clanking of keys and the chanting of a spell as his cell was opened.. oh how he hated these spiteful Elves, trying to disect him for his magic, threatening to kill him or worse if he didn't comply.

"I will avenge mysellf for what you are doing today" spat Sarlinked in the Elf's face

"Just like every other day" Replied the Elf Beating his head into the stone walls.

Sarlinked was lead into a small labratory where an Elven mage sat at a desk reading some notes.

"Well if it isn't my favourite Orc isn't it" Replied the Elf in crude Orcish.

"Well if it isn't my most despised Elf, you make me sick you twisted..."

"Now none of that, you know the procedure... let me see a curse today" Replied the Elf nodding at the Orc laying on the ground half consicous.

Sarlinked began to prepare the spell in his mind when he noticed the Orc... it was his brother, and he was nearly dead, Sarlinked knew no matter how he did the spell he would die, and if he didn't kill his brother than they would both die.

"Orc, quit hesitating, I've seen you attack other Orcs, now cast the spell"

Sarlinked Shaking cast the spell and watched as his brother renched in pain, until the spell ended his brother was barely alive.

"I see you toned it down today for what ever reason, now, I have yet to study this soul shard so please produce one" Calmly explained the Elf.

Sarlinked hesitated as he looked as his brother... and begain to drain his soul.

"Here you go maggot, I hope it serves you well" said Sarlinked as he pushed the Soul Shard at him. "I hope it serves you well."

Sarlinked was exposed to many tests as time went by, always remembering holding his borther's soul in his hands.. End of Part 3.
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Orc of shadow... Redeemer of Light Part 3
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