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 Dralz Journal 1 - Days of Glory

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PostSubject: Dralz Journal 1 - Days of Glory   Dralz Journal 1 - Days of Glory Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2007 2:15 am

[Translated from Orcish]

I Dralz young warrior of the Bleeding Hollow Clan have dicided it best to log what follows this day in hopes that it may one day will be read by my kin, and in such they will understand and forgive my turning from their will.

Blackhand is now dead.

Orgrim Doomhammer has taken the mantle of warchief for his own in the oldest ways of honor. In the first weeks many clans would not ally with the new warcheif, but one by one many of the younger warriors began to follow Orgrim.

The Bleeding Hollow Clan refused to see Orgrim as he truely was but rather a 'thug' or an 'upstart' hardly worth speaking with. But I saw that he wished to bring honor back to our kind and more, our freedom. So I followed him against the will of my Father Braugg and my kin. The old days of Demons have past, I beleave Orgrim will lead us into our future, I beleave in the lord of clans.

We have landed in snowy Hillsbrad, how the humans deal with this cold Ill never know. Our troop had to travel days to reach here, mostly through captured lands, as such we had yet to see a foe of any kind. But today we tasted first blood, the six of us were sent to raid a stockpile of grain. It was a flawless victory against only a handful of human footmen and elven archers, they fell like leaves before us. I could not have know the feeling of the bloodlust until then and I can only hope the next battle will show more sport.

It is the second night from our landing in Hillsbrad, the human lands of the north, Orgrim has order us to aid the captured troll lord Zul'jin, a great warrior. He and his kin were imprisoned in a small human incampment which we cracked open with ease. We six wondered what use Zul'jin would really be to the horde, until the elves sprang their trap up the river. If ever I had forseen my own death it was in those moments of horror, with elves on all sides and arrows bitting us I thought it was all over. However Zul'jin and his brothers set apon them in a cold fury, their axe's splitting the elven bows like wreeds. He scattered the elves into the woods, the irony how it is that the savors in the end needed saving.

With Zul'jin and Orgrim fighting at our lead how can anyone withstand the might of the Horde?

Thease are truely the days of glory! ~Dralz warrior of The Bleeding Hollow Clan
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Dralz Journal 1 - Days of Glory Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dralz Journal 1 - Days of Glory   Dralz Journal 1 - Days of Glory Icon_minitimeThu Aug 30, 2007 11:37 pm

((Dralz i just love it =D keep it coming =D))
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Dralz Journal 1 - Days of Glory
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