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PostSubject: Taeghen   Taeghen Icon_minitimeFri Aug 31, 2007 8:40 am

Taeghen is the elder brother of both Aenen and Narion. He usually wears a smile to every occasion, except in dealings with Derra. Derra is absolutely loathed by the three brothers, for he murdered their sister Arianna. Arianna was the twin sister of Taeghen, and he tries to live life joyfully for the both of them. Like his two brothers, Taeghen received a dragonhawk that is only now beginningto exhibit special powers. Taeghen named his dragonhawk Terperion immediately after getting him. Taeghen and Terperion have always been close, but due to the dragnhawk's powers, they are able to communicate, allowing Taeghen to receive his companion's insight. Taeghen hopes to unravel Terperion's powers while simultaneously discovering as much arcane mysteries as he possibly can. Unlike his brother, Aenen, Taeghen held off studying magic until he was a hundred years old. He used this time to research, delving into ancient lore as well as current events. He is well versed in many areas of study, and is able to research things quickly. Usually, he is one of the first to know about a new topic. The first thing he did after joining the Magisterium was to research its history as well as that of some of its members.
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