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PostSubject: From a Distance   From a Distance Icon_minitimeThu Sep 06, 2007 10:01 pm

“Dear Milana,

I’ve been thinking about you constantly since last we talked. It’s been almost two weeks since then, and I have not seen you at all. I am not sure if you were called away on urgent business or what ever the case may be, but I do miss you.

I was sitting in our spot last night. Looking out at the ocean, I found myself thinking about how I seemed to forget about everything else in my life that was troubling me when you were around. I wish I could see you again. I miss you terribly. I can only pray that my letter reaches you and does not fall on deft ears. Please, contact me soon, somehow. I cannot help but to think the worst may have happened to you. I miss you. I love you.


This letter was written over a month ago. Medel had just returned from the mailbox by the Silvermoon City Inn when he got this letter with a stamp on the front reading “Unable to deliver. No such person found.” Medel sat on one of the several stacks of pillows inside the Hall of the Magisterium, completely silent. Holding the piece of parchment in his hands, starring at the words on the paper as if he were expecting them to change, he then took a deep breathe and read the letter again.

Then, from the far outer corners of his eyes, a glint of light refracted from the tear that had already formed as he was reading. Falling from his cheek with majestic grace, it splashed down on the paper, dampening the ink and smearing it. Doing his best to dry it off with his robe, Medel then carefully folded the letter and placed it inside of his robe in one of the pockets.

“Everything I touch…” he muttered. “It seems as if whatever I touch turns to dust. Everyone I have started to come close to has gone… Twittilina, my dear Milana, Mistress Akhamanassar and Master Skylark. Even my Parents… I do what I feel is right for me, and…”Medel takes a deep breathe as his head slumps into his hands, now completely crying. “There is only one thing to do… If I wish to protect their happiness, I must…

I must stay away…”
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From a Distance
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