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 Soothing the pain

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Lady Akhamanassar
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PostSubject: Soothing the pain   Soothing the pain Icon_minitimeFri Sep 07, 2007 1:14 am

The warlock was near the green fields, by an almost secret water pond that ran between the elemental plateau and the throne of the elements in nagrand, she was relaxed on the grass, her blue robes of arcana, her feet touching the water a little playfully, she looked at them then at the sky of Nagrand, a beautiful place she discovered long time ago...

She looks at the blue sky, some floating islands, she remember when she saw them for the first time, riding from Zangarmarsh, the sunny Nagrand welcoming her as she rode in, the trees covered her view and uncurtained introducing her to the green fields.. much like mulgore..

She longed for meeting those floating islands, it was paradise for her, and it is. She remember she was alone then, the wish to share such magnificent place and all she got was a whisper back on her hearthstone ...he said "nice" ....

She discovered a whole world and that was it..."nice"... she remembered a song she sang... a lone one... the longing of her heart unfulfilled, she starts singing it...

All those beautiful people
I want to have them
I want to have them all
All those porcelain models
If only I could make them fall

Be my heart a well of love
Flowing free so far above

A wintry eve
Once upon a tale
An Ugly Duckling
Lost in a verse
Of a sparrows carol
Dreaming the stars

Be my heart a well of love
Flowing free so far above

In my world
Love is for poets
Never the famous balcony scene
Just a dying faith
On the heaven's gate

Crystal pond awaits the lorn
Tonight another morn for the lonely one is born

....but she smiles... resting on her elbows she listens to the splashing water and she looks.. it is Skylark... she smiles... that old song was so meaningless now that she was finally with him as his wife to be, for her now only happiness made sense, all else lost meaning... she looked at him, tall, dashing, with his armor he looked even more imponent, his scythe made him look dangerous and the black wolf by his side looked deadly, his red hair tied on his ponytail with some strands lose framing his fair face his arcane green eyes were soft and loving yet with such inner power, a commanding strenght within him, his lips parted to a smile he looked at her, his skin kissed by the sun trough years of hunting made him look a bit older than he was, perhaps it was the maturity he got about him, she admired that elf he was still sweet and loving but not the afraid young boy she knew long years before, now he was there for her...even his tone has changed, soft and smooth yes but sure, certain.

She smiles even more, reaches for a netherweave cloth and tells him playfully:

- come now my ranger, let me tend to your wounds again.

he smiled and removed his gear, his back was lashed all over, clotted with blood, a terrible sight, wonder why he was smiling seeming to ignore that completeley...

she sat close to the margin, asked him to sit abou the same spot they did before he had to go rushing for a little while, she passed the clothing damp by the water pond over him, blowing a cold breath as to sooth, he put his chin over his chest, as she silently finish cleaning his back lashed and heavily marked, she frowns lightly with a pout:

- I think I... exagerated....

-mmm? - he answers

- your back..- she answers- yesterday.. with my succubus...

the ranger blushes a little and then replies:

-eheh...mmm.. I like it... you know...

they chuckle as the sun is high on the sky, and a gentle breeze passes by....

((the music is swanheart by nightwish, something I used to put to akha when she was walking sadly alone thinking of all sad things of her heart and this is the time she perceives had abandoned reciting that, this music was playing on the day just before sky met her in shattrath and they got together for the first time))
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Soothing the pain
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