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Lady Akhamanassar
Lady Akhamanassar

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PostSubject: Ravencast   Ravencast Icon_minitimeFri Sep 07, 2007 1:44 am

- Ravencast you say - The lady looked at the orc with narrowed eyes, the very thought of a darnassian was repugnant to her, envyous all of them, she used to say.

The orc scratches his head and shrugs

- it is what I was told

Dralz was puzzled, the wording never made much sense to him, the battle, yes, it spoke to his heart and every fiber of his being, to crush his enemies in bloody rage, that was his language, the fancy words of all those elves got him confused more often than not.

- I see... - she narrows her eyes even more, - well, I know not what to do- she shrugs being at that point as lost as Dralz, the idea of having a darnassian from the Cenarion, a druid, to lend his aid? It was close to unconceiveable.. still her curiosity as to peruse its actions and ponder its moves was eating her inside...

Drals opens his mouth on a grinning smile, at least on that one he was not the "stupid orc", even the magistrix was baffled and uncertain as what to do...

they parted ways with all due and proper formality as she praised highly on official matters, the lady kept with her thoughts...

- Ravencast eh.... perhaps I should indulge him even if only for this strange feeling inside of me...I might be too hopeful but I am not that guilible ..... we shall see...we shall see...
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