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 Wakening to the dream

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Lady Akhamanassar
Lady Akhamanassar

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PostSubject: Wakening to the dream   Wakening to the dream Icon_minitimeTue Sep 18, 2007 12:13 pm

The same dream again...

All she could see was his face so close to her, the iminence of a kiss, he looked at her lips and she looked at his eyes, he slid his thumb over her parted lips, the will, the wish and then she woke just before it happens...She could feel her heart stopping for an eternal second contemplating...

Akhamanassar woke, as this dream was always like that, she woke before the kiss happens, but only this time...she looked at her left side, he was there, sleeping, a placid expression his red fiery hair melding with the silky velvet bed linnen at the Scryer's Inn...she smiled satisfied, she leaned over the brocade pillows, trying to not wake him up, she brushed his hair away from his face, small drips of sweat forming as the early morning was unusually hot, she blew cold and fresh over his forehead as to make him comfortable, his lips so soft formed a smile, it felt good.

She smiles even more, widening to a bright grin, such is the empathy of those who love, one's smile belong to both... one's pain belong to both, for two are one in soul, now she could understand that, being with him was like forgiving herself, was absolution of a long life of ininquities that since they were together ...were nothing but some old story of someone she barely knew anymore, her old self.

Her heart was no more a dark basement brewing with unspeakable secrets and darkest of oaths, it was now a mansion of light a temple of love a garden of promises. all that once she pursued, all power, all nether were humbled by what she actually found, she had to die in orther to know how to live.

It all started so long ago, and from the first day at the Ranger's generous offer of aid she was stricken, aid for the sake of it ? That stunned her , she wondered his true intentions and...was baffled by them...she began to realize that not all were wicked or to be feared...

Now years after, she was there, not being her anymore... but being herself more than ever, knowing herself and with such peace inside that only the imponderable could ponder. She was her own denial, her own negation and yet...her true self.

He moves a little and she snaps out of her trance, she lays once more, her face close to his, she touches his lips with hers, even softer for he was in deep slumber, she remains there savoring the moment, a still kiss, the simple touch warming her heart, she puts her right arm over his arm, cuddles closer and let herself into a relaxing sleep sharing his breath... for now... she shares his life.

Akhamanassar glances over her right hand , not breaking her quiet kiss, tilting her hand, a sunfury phoenix over a scorching sun...and sleeps again...
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Wakening to the dream
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