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 Passing the past...

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Lady Akhamanassar
Lady Akhamanassar

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PostSubject: Passing the past...   Passing the past... Icon_minitimeThu Sep 20, 2007 4:28 pm

Akhamanassar rides at a slow pace, her felsteed hooves and ever crispy fire mane being the only noises around Brill. She is happy waiting for her beloved, she was finding amusing how now everything seemed different to is like all had a bluish tone, not the old sepia tone ....even that has changed...

She suddenly stops...something... a memory... she looks to the left and see an unsuspecting small rock, close to a bush of thorns, not knowing exactly why, as when guided by dreams, she dismisses her steed and walks to that rock... she doesnt question she just flows...

She moves the white stone with some effort and find a brow leather piece protecting a parchment, covered with rat bones, she smells the strong smell of stale Suntouched Wine, overwhelming and then faint... she reads the parchment...

I. Wander
Paths of unbound memories
Tangled within the inner depths of love and sorrow
Untrodden by questioning footsteps
Unbroken by deafening silence

II. See
Untended gardens of life
Washed away by rains of death
Beneath my feet, rivers of blood flow soundlessly
Seeds of anguish sown in the soil of my blackened heart

III. Remember
Ripples in the water casting distorted reflections
Over a face I shall never see again
My eternal beauty lost forever to my eyes

IV. Regret
Only to feel, to touch, to love myself again
My life, my soul, my entire existence in this dying world
In exchange for one brief moment of true happiness
All my hopes and dreams in ruin, shattered like shards of

Thus I am left to heed the wisdom of a fool
I fear no shameless victory nor welcome illustrious defeat
My loneliness ever feeding upon strands of my sanity…
As for now… I shall welcome dreams of majestic gardens.


She widens her eyes remembering suddenly , that day , she woke and roamed... she got some belongings from her tomb... found some rats...ate them alive...put the bones over.. not knowing why at the time.. She wrote those words and put there...

This was what the Quel`dorei called burial of dreams and sorrow, they wrote something they wished to stop, to end, put some mana wyrms spheres but as there was none she got the rats... draining them as she would drain the wyrms , and some wine, that she had, she looked east and saw the trees cast the perfect shadow for the place, straight over the burrow but as she moved the rock it would not be totally in shadow...

Her mind remembered even if she did not at that night long ago and now again... she smiles and puts it back in the burrow... goes to the inn in Brill and buys the strongest beverage, she puts it over the small pit and casts Icinerate on it, she does so with a smile savoring each moment, her mana beckoning nether energy and being infused with that, an icy sensation on her torso and her hands open releasing the strong fire , the noise of it and the serpentine movement it does and the pit starts burning, she smiles like smirking watching the fire consume it as it was gone.. no longer truth... nothing such as that concerned her anymore...

She smiles as nothing remains but ashes, she watches as one of the forsaken keep on the road patrolling, he doesnt see her but then it would not matter, but she looks at him for at the moment all life and movement amused her...

- such thing...not at all

She walks to the road summons her dreadsteed again and as the forsaken look at her for a moment she smiles brightly at him, the forsaken stares as happiness was something way too far for him to conceive but... such joy ... a smile from her soul, he smiles shortly and hesitating, a smirk mostly , as learning to smile, not knowing how, reflexively ...

She nods briefly pulling the reins and turning back galloping to the place she was to meet Skylark.

((the poem is a music from Autumn Tears called One Tender Kiss =) ))
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Passing the past...
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