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 The Final Straw.

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PostSubject: The Final Straw.   The Final Straw. Icon_minitimeSun Sep 30, 2007 4:04 pm

The burning sun was beating down on his black robes as he stood in the center of a field out in the foothills of Hillsbrad. Most of the other adventurers, who passed by, showed signs of battle. Either they had some inclination of blood on their person, or their armor was highly damaged or torn. However, Medel's hands were abnormally clean considering that he was out running errands for the townsfolk in Tarren Mill. His robes were completely clean and neat.

As a Holy Priest, he had gotten used to being dependant on the strength of others in exchange for his healing abilities. It was a difficult life and one that the Blood Elf was starting to loath. Especially now. All those close to his season were out doing things on their own. Training, crafting, or whatever they had going, leaving Medel with a difficult dilemma. Either head out into the wild and do what you can to aide the citizens of Tarren Mill or sit in the Magisterium... alone. He chose the first one.

his task was to bring back a few samples of the local wolves teeth for further studying. To some, it was a remedial task. But Medel did not have things so easily and he knew it. Looking around, he spotted one of the beasts and started walking towards it, cautiously. whispering his word of power, blessing his with increased Fortitude and calling forth his Inner fire, He came just close enough where the Wolf still didn't see him as a threat.

Taking a deep breath, Medel recalled the incantation to his Shadow word and started to mutter them. Seconds later, the wolf was stricken with pain as a dark hue surrounded his body. Drawing in from his Inner Light, Medel unleashed a blast of holy power upon the beast, but it didn't seem to be weakening. And, even worse yet, the beast was now in arms reach.

Breaking the incantation for his next spell, Medel released a yell into the skies that called forth a barrier of white light that surrounded his body. The pain from the wolf's teeth and claws would be absorbed into it's light, but Medel was weakened by it. He was expecting it, but it still made him uneasy.

He was almost through casting another spell when the wolf’s teeth broke through the shield. Medel’s Soul was still weak from the first one and could not summon another. Backing up, Medel did what he could to get away from the beast just long enough so he could summon another shield. He could feel the strength returning to his soul and he started to speak the words that would re-summon his barrier.

But it was to late. The wolf’s right claw made contact with Medel’s left leg, tearing the flesh from his body. Medel cried out in pain. He could see the Graveyard off in the distance and he knew that he would be heading there soon. His mana was gone. His body was tired and beaten. He… was tired… and beaten.

Then, with one last lunge, the wolf’s teeth sunk into Medel’s neck. Thrashing his head back and forth, the pain increased. Then it was all gone… there was… nothing. Just darkness. Medel wondered if that was truly it or if he just passed out. Then, like a beacon in that darkness, he heard a male Quel’dorei voice call out:

“By the power given to me, I restore your life, Medel Ishnu’lati! Rise again!”

The darkness started to turn to light as he felt his wounds closing and the pain that had wrought his body started to subside. He started to open his eyes and the image of two of his brethren stood before him. One male, one female. The male was dressed in all plate armor. Thought scarred, it was evident that he took care of his gear. His female counterpart was a beautiful sight for Medel to be revived to. However, it only helped convince him, even more, that he had crossed over to the Twisting Nether.

“Brother Medel… Are you alright?” The female voice asked.

The male reached his arm out to Medel, offering assistance to rise to his feet. But Medel acted as if he did not even see it and, slowly, stood up. “Yes, Lady Indris. I will be quite fine, thank you.” He switched his gaze, though his sight still too blurry to make out a face, to the male Elf. “Master Scryon. I am in your Debt.”

“That will not be nessassary, Medel.” Scryon replied. “Just… try and be more careful next time.”

“Yes. I will…” Medel’s face changed from the normal, peaceful one that normally adorned his face, to one of realization. For the first time in many years, Medel was smiling at his two friends. “I thank you both, once again. But something has just come up. I must take my leave. Please excuse me.” With a nod, his Hearthstone flashed a brilliant green light and he vanished.

Back in Silvermoon City, Medel made his way to Farstrider Square. There, outside one of the buildings standing by a tree was Champion Vranish. Approaching him, Medel dropped to one knee. “Master. I need to speak with you.”
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PostSubject: Re: The Final Straw.   The Final Straw. Icon_minitimeMon Oct 01, 2007 10:33 am

=O nhoo that was sooo nice Medel =D I look forward for pally Medel ^.~
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The Final Straw.
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