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 Zane Bishop

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Age : 34
Main Class : Paladin
Registration date : 2007-09-28

Character sheet
Full Name: Zane Valoren Bishop
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PostSubject: Zane Bishop   Zane Bishop Icon_minitimeFri Oct 05, 2007 12:27 pm

Name: Zane Valoren Bishop
Race: Quel'dori
Class: Paladin
Specization: Protection
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Greenish-blue
Parrents: Deceased
Siblings: Nox Eterna Bishop (Younger sister), Solond Bishop ( Older Brother )
Horse: Strider (Mare)
Bio: Zane grew up in Silvermoon like many other Quel'dori, with his sister and older brother. His parrents both went to help with the war agaist the Scourge when they began attacking Silvermoon. They left the children with the local temple far from the sunwell in the woods of Eversong. News quickly traveled to the small temple that Silvermoon has suffered a massive disaster, killing many and destroying the Sunwell. One day a wounded knight came to the church who had served with Zane's parrents. The preists spoke with the young man in great length and eventually turned and looked at Zane, frowning slightly. That night the priests brought Zane, Nox, and Solond to a small room, all of them not speaking much at all. That night the children where all informed on the fate of their parrents. The parrents had fell defending Silvermoon, their bodies feasted apon by the Scourge. Each child reacted differently, Solond worked with the priests and became one eventually, Nox fell deeper and deeper into her own darkness and learned the path of a warlock, while Zane became very protective and vindictive, he met the Blood Knights of Silvermoon, and he quickly joined their ranks. he has served them faithfuly ever since.
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Zane Bishop
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