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 The Child of Stars - ((attempting a new guild SL))

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Lady Akhamanassar
Lady Akhamanassar

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The Child of Stars - ((attempting a new guild SL)) Left_bar_bleue70/70The Child of Stars - ((attempting a new guild SL)) Empty_bar_bleue  (70/70)
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PostSubject: The Child of Stars - ((attempting a new guild SL))   The Child of Stars - ((attempting a new guild SL)) Icon_minitimeSun Oct 14, 2007 10:38 am

My Brethren

I was at the Twisting Nether, and i saw over the skies of Azeroth a comet like energy bean, as I stood there looking its descending path, i felt the intense light and like a seed, a being, something inside that light, I could perceive its sadness, its longing, its intensity.

The energy comet fell over Eversong Woods, we must find this being, it might be a person, or an animal, even a form we do not know, an object, we must find it and learn about it.

Beware for the being might not know his true purpose, a frontal approach might put all to lose, be careful and scout, it is a work of tact. and we must do it together.

Last time this being was seen it was in Kalimdonr, either Mulgore or Crossroads, and on that very day two raids went after Crossroads, Thunderbluff and I learned today, there was one at Camp Mojache, seems the alliance is going after it as well.

High Magistrix Akhamanassar


This is my first attempt as a group storytelling within the context of wow, so we must have some rules to make i t easier.

Once you wish to make a move, you tell me OOC and I will act as Storyteller, we RP it out if possible or just narrate it.

We will use /Roll commands if needed be

Once a week , starting next sunday we will have a meeting and put together the pieces of information and most likely a group RP time

The story is being written by me, so I will act pretty much as a tabletop game master, meaning that at least before getting used to some contingencies of wow storytelling I will be the only storyteller on this one, with time we will migrate from tabletop style to a more MMORPG style but lets take one step at time

Well I hope this can give us some fun and more clue about RPing onto a persistent world_

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The Child of Stars - ((attempting a new guild SL))
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