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 Rumors from the North

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Lady Akhamanassar
Lady Akhamanassar

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PostSubject: Rumors from the North   Rumors from the North Icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2007 11:19 am

- A new threat is coming, it seems no one notices how dangerous he is, yes I am referring to the "brat prince" , Arthas <spits> , that foolish human has power, immense power that only doesnt surpasses how despicable he is and how much I hate him. - Akhamanassar seems visibly disturbed, the very thought of Arthas provoked her exasperation.

-I told you High Magistrix, I am not a tad bit concerned with those legends and old lores- <Rommath looks away displicently sipping at cup of Suntouched Wine>

<Akhamanassar narrows her eyes clearly angry, her lips pressed, trying to control her frustration>

- My Visions show it Grand Magister, I spent about fifteen entire azerothian days beseeching and perusing nether to find this, how can you neglect those that already show the signs?

<Akhamanassar opens her arms , leaning a bit , trying to urge him to acknowledge her visions>

<Rommath raises his brow as in surprise but his face remains overall non chalant>
-Signs you say?

<Rommath sips more of the wine>

<Akhamanassar parts her lips in surprise, is like he simply didnt listen or was totally blind>

-How.. ROMMATH the SIGNS!! The Curse of Northrend , the one - I - discovered, the one spreading over half the Blood Knights, the one the Matron seems to be ignoring because <Akhamanssar mocks a voice> "she cannot trust an undead" <Akhamanassar turns around annoyed, with her hands on her waist>

<Rommath is clearly surprised, the Magistrix usually so cold and controlled was terribly upset, he couldnt help but chuckle a little>

- I wonder if is the marriage that is making you that ... passionate.. <smirks>

<Akhamanassar turns back tiredly and slowly, she stares at him for quite a while, she was clearly not in the mood for laughter>

<Rommath swallows as he never seen her so angry, he smirks trying to not seem impressed and sips more of the wine again>

-What do you have beyond your..."signs"

<Akhamanassar widens her eyes and gasps>

-w..wha? Ah... What in nethers name do you want? An Letter of introduction from him? A Date so he can destroy the whole Quel'Thalas again? Perhaps you want me to whisper him and ask him in formal Thalassian when he wants to come so we can evacuate the city? Please? oh no perhaps I should not say please but Do it now little brat of a prince.

<Akhamanassar raises her hands to the air, how could she force the obvious over Rommath, he seemed to be absolutely oblivious>

-Still I think you are being over concerned Lady Magistrix..

-Fine! Then if you dont want to make this office to serve its true purpose, I will see to it myself! Good day to you "Grand Magister" <growls>
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Rumors from the North
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