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 The Curse of the Sands (Part 6)

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The Curse of the Sands (Part 6) Empty
PostSubject: The Curse of the Sands (Part 6)   The Curse of the Sands (Part 6) Icon_minitimeTue Mar 18, 2008 5:31 pm

Almost nine feet tall, the heavily armored beast that was Tuya cowered over them, halfway down the hall. His tusks gleaming off of the little light that reflected off of his throne. The room was dark and not a wise room to fight in.

“It be a quiet place that chu’ be distuh’bin me in today, litta’ Zii.” Zii stood firm with his mask in place, his golden hair blowing slightly in the wind, his weapons quiet but merciless. “An’ I notice chu bra’ litta’ Amareh’ wit’ cha’” he added. Amerie emitted a soft growl from under her mask, her face staying still. The room began to warm up as the ground began to hum. Tuya crouched down to his knees, felt the ground, sniffed the air and said, “I be makin’ ‘dis a nice grave fo’ yah litta’ Zii. I know chu’ come innnah he’ah to keel meh.” Zii’s weapons were unsheathed as the top of the castle fell in, caving around them. Light spilled in across the ground as the bodies were then noticed. Thousands of bodies laid where there was once dark. Zii leaped into the air as Amerie ran directly at Tuya’s feet, her daggers out. Zii’s first blow was worth the effort as he lashed out at the hook of Tuya’s shoulder pad, and removed the hook with a clean slice. Tuya’s hand glowed gold as a rod of light shone in his hand for a split second, forming hard metal, a large hook protruding from the end. The Axe of The Sun King was his weapon to use, and he knew how to use it. His strength was unmatched as he effortlessly swung out and attacked Zii, knocking him backwards, and into a wall. Amerie struck out at Tuya’s feet, striking his ankles beneath his armor, piercing the metal and the skin. Tuya howled in a rage, and stomped the ground with his one good foot, sending a shockwave out, that knocked Amerie back, and sent a wave of pain through her arms. She had felt pain again, was she not dead?
Zii was thrown towards the wall, as he flew he twisted his swords to face the wall. Puncturing the cement, and recovering, he rebounded off the wall, and slammed into Tuya’s back, merely feet blow his neck. He swung one of the swords around and jammed it into Tuya’s back, sliding down his cloak, and taking his sword with him. Tuya fell to his knees, blood running heavily down his back, still towering over the two. The ground shook once more as a warcry was heard in the distance. A large black-skinned man was running towards the gates.

Doga’ lifted his sword and let out a roar that shook the sands beneath him, and crippled a dune. He lifted his massive sword and charged into the ruins, the beast on his knees. Zii hand landed on the ground with sword in hand, his second resheathed to his side. Amerie lay hurt on the ground. Her arms weak, her daggers on the floor at her side.
Zii swung his sword so that he held it backwards as he ran up the side of Tuya’s throne, and threw it with all of his might into Tuya’s spine. A bone-crunching thud was heard as the sword pierced his back. Zii unsheathed his second sword and held the hilt with both hands. He set more strength into his blade as he charged into Tuya’s right shin.

Doga’ ran with full speed, seeing Zii run at the right shin, he ran towards the left. Both of their swords struck at the same time. Tuya fell to his stomach, his golden hair jutting backwards from his skull, his eyes a vengeful gray. Tuya reached out for his axe that Doga’ swiftly kicked to the other side of the room. The stench of the bodies in the ruins was unbearable to Doga’ who hadn’t had any faceguard, as he staggered towards Zii. Zii set his last blade on the neck of Tuya and said with a power,

“On this day, I bring peace to Tanaris, I life thine curse from my mind, and free my soul.”

Tuya choked up blood and laughed as he raised his hand one last time, pointing a finger at Zii,

“Chuu child, will never see da’trut’ again.”

With Tuya’s last dying words a spray of black sand shot from his fingertip into Zii’s face. Blinded and staggering, Zii stumbled around the room, screaming in outrageous pain. Tuya had cursed him once more, but he wouldn’t let both of the curses torment him.

“Doga! Lead me to his neck, this beast shall remain forever trapped in the nether.”

Doga grabbed at Zii’s hand that held his sword, and set the blade on Tuya’s neck. Zii ripped his mask off and with a look of disgust, raised his sword and sliced Tuya’s head off in one clean slash. Blood gushed from Tuya’s neck as the air became colder, “The curse is lift, Tanaris is peaceful once more.” Zii said, wiping the sand from his face. “Though at a cost.”
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The Curse of the Sands (Part 6)
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