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 Kayara Part 1

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PostSubject: Kayara Part 1   Kayara Part 1 Icon_minitimeMon Sep 10, 2007 11:45 am

Kayara approaches the great hall of the Magisterium. Looking on the outside of the hall its ornate details speaking of the regalness of the great guild. Kayara smiles at the handsome guard and smiles.
“I am here to meet with the Lady Magistrix, my name is Kayara mother of Laara”
The guard says,
“ yes, she is expecting you, but is detained. She asked me to have you wait inside; and please help yourself to the refreshments.”
Kayara smiles again and nods in thanks as the guard pulls the curtains back for her to enter.

Upon entering Kayara notices the lush surroundings. Not too gaudy but just enough to be regal yet comfortable, she smiles approvingly to herself as she seats herself against the pillows to wait. Next to her a plate with various succulent fruits with herbal tea steams inviting her to partake. Noticing that all that was present were her favorites .She helps herself thinking, “it seems the lady knows much about me already.”

Kayara hears the help in the back ground scrubbing the floors, she closes her eyes and remembers back to when she was just a young elf, beginning her training as a priestess. Her first duties were to learn of purity, and still can not figure out how scrubbing stone floors was suppose to teach her that. But she always did as the kind brothers told her to do. Those thoughts lead her to think of the day that Brother Darius came to get her an urgent look upon his face, “ come with me child” he whispered breathlessly,” and take care to be quite.”
Kayara nodded and followed quietly behind him. They soon enter a hidden door in the Brother’s office the halls leading further down into the bowls of the temple. Twisting to and fro Kayara is soon confused as to where they were and reaches out for the brother’s belt holding it for comfort as they twist through the halls.

After what seemed an hour of traveling they enter into a brightly lit room. The stone walls gleamed almost white. A blinding contrast to the dark slimy walls of the halls they twisted down. After Kayara’s eyes adjusted to the light she noticed a beautifully clad woman in front of her. Her hair silken, her skin like white satin, she smelled of honeysuckle and jasmine… she approached Kayara and lightly grasped her hair, looking her over head to toe , she nods and says in the softest melodic voice.. “ She will do” then nods at Brother Darius and says, “ then it is set, when she is of age we will proceed.”
Brother Darius lets out a slight sigh of relief, “ very well My Lady, as you see fit. I will make sure the proper arrangements are made.” smiling down at Kayara “ come child we shall return you to your duties.”

Kayara ponders these thoughts as she hears footsteps outside she opens her eyes to see the lady Magistrix approaching. She stands and bows humbly before her.
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PostSubject: Re: Kayara Part 1   Kayara Part 1 Icon_minitimeMon Sep 10, 2007 3:24 pm

WTB [More Story] PST!
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Kayara Part 1
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