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 Orc of shadow... redeemer of Light

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PostSubject: Orc of shadow... redeemer of Light   Orc of shadow... redeemer of Light Icon_minitimeWed Aug 29, 2007 7:15 pm

((I must say after reading everyone else stories I feel like Sar is very weak, but I will begin his biograpghy... oh how I regret making him as old as he is now))

The sun was just beggining to climb above the horizon in Shadowmoon Valley. Sarlinked had awoken early as not to disturb his parents as he made his way outside to gaze at the rising sun. "Someday I shall have domain over all that I see, with the power of the elements at my side I shall become the leader of the shadowmoon clan and guide it to prosparity" Sarlinked thought as he gazed at the apprentice Shamans busy in the village below his house as they prepared for there days lessons.

Sarlinked headed back into his house as he heard his parents beggining to wake. Taking note of his brother who was still recovering from his wounds after he had returned from hunting with the older Orcs from hunting.

"Mother, when can I learn shaman magic and join my brother as we hunt to keep him safe" Sarlinked asked as he always did when his brother returned with wounds, as he did not have anyone to aid him during hunting.

"Sarlinked, you know you must wait until you feel the elements calling you" replied his mother as usual.

Sighing Sarlinked left his hut to practice with the bow he knew he would be forced to use as he felt the elements would never call to him.

Sarlinked had been patrolling the forests surrounding his village for over three years now, having finnaly given up on the elements, he was forced to hunt the local talbuks for food for his family.

Hearing a rustling in the woods ahead of him Sarlinked lifted his axe in hopes of finding a large beast. Slowly he crept along than he saw it, a large beast creeping through the bush, he threw his axe at the beast knowing the distance was small enough it would kill the talbuk.As he watched to axe glide he saw what he had hit, an Arrakoa, realizing his mistake Sarlinked attempted to run before the beast responded. As he ran he realized that the Arrakoa was not following he him, he returned to where the arrakoa had stood and lying on the ground was the dead body of the Arrakoa, blood driping from the axe wound.

With the knowledge of killing an innocent creature in his mind Sarlinked returned to his village, at 20 years of age Sarlinked was just old enough to go to war but hadn't yet.

Sarlinked awoke that night after having horrid dreams, he kept visualizing killing the Arrakoa over and over again, yet as they continued the dream changed, at first Sarlinked killed him using an axe, later he was using shamanistic magic, but as they continued the shamanistic magic changed to something Sarlinked had never experienced before, it was dark.

Waking the next morning Sarlinked decided to contact a shaman friend of his Lar'ok if he could explain his dreams, more importantly what this dark magic in his dreams was. Upon arriving at Lar'ok's house he questioned his friend on the matter.

"Dark magic you say, I've never heard of it, but I know little on these matters, I shall ask Ner'zuhl on the topic, rest yourself, as you seem troubled by something"

" Thank you Lor'ok." With that left the hut in search of his own.

Many days passed when Ner'zuhl himself entered Sarlinked's hut accompanied by another Orc.

"Greetings Sarlinked, I hoped you would be here" said Ner'zuhl.

Coming to a quick bow Sarlinked replied "Chieftan, it was unexpected to see you this morning, may I offer you anything?"

"That is alright, one of the shaman's tells me you have been ailed by visions of dark magic, I must ask oyu to explain these things"

"In my dreams, I am walking in the woods..I am hunting, as I was a week ago, I go to make my kill, but rather than bring up my axe I begin casting a spell, much like a lighting bolt, but what comes out is this dark energy, it kills my prey instantly and leaves no burn marks" Sarlinked answers careful to avoid admiting his murder.

"Dark magic you say.. this is unexpected" Ner'zuhl replies "Curious, the demon approached me notmore than 6 months ago, I didn't beleive that the corruption would begin so soon" he wonders to himself." "Sarlinked, I beleive you should come with me, I beleive Gul'dan will be able to aid you in what you need."

"Thank you Chieftan" Replies Sarlinked as he watches Ner'zuhl leaves his Hut

End of part 1
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Orc of shadow... redeemer of Light
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