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 Orc of Shadow... Redeemer of Light Part 4

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PostSubject: Orc of Shadow... Redeemer of Light Part 4   Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:29 pm

Staring out of his hut atop Thunder Bluff Sarlinked began to ponder the events of the last while.

The escape from the internment camp, the voyage to Kalimidor, oh how his life had changed. Sarlinked clutched at the soul shard in his palm. "How could I have done it, my own brother" Sarlinked began to cry on the hut and the Druids that were tasked with rehabilitating him came rushing to his aid.

"I'll be alright" exclaimed Sarlinked "I'm just recalling something I've done" Sarlinked replied, clutching at the soul shard.

"It's alright Sarlinked" whispered Maura.

"You don't understand, I killed him"

"Killed who?"

"My brother."

Maura gasped as she tried to get near Sarlinked but he swiftly rose and barricaded himself into his hut.

"Sarlinked please come out"

There was no reply.

Sarlinked came out of the hut several days later with a refreshed look on his face.

Maura exclaimed "Sarlinked.. you look.. happy!"

Sarlinked beemed at the sun taking in the beauty "Maura... I feel alive"

Maura hugged Sarlinked "I beleive we have saved you"

After that Afternoon Sarlinked voyaged to the newly founded city of Orrgrimar. Taking in the beauty of this new world for the first time he was awed by the vastness of it.

Upon reaching Orrgrimar he met directly with Warchief Thrall and informed him of his lineage and pledged himself to the new Horde... than proclaiming his loyalty he asked where he may serve to make up for his mistakes in the past.

"Venture just outside, to Razor Hill Sarlinked, there you may aid in the defense of our new homeland, if you prove yourself you may leave to where ever you wish, someday I shall call upon you to aid me, heed that call"

Bowing Sarlinked replied "yes Warchieftan" and with that Sarlinked set out to prove himself to the new Horde, hoping to make up for the sins of his life.

End of Part 4
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PostSubject: Re: Orc of Shadow... Redeemer of Light Part 4   Fri Aug 31, 2007 8:50 am

very nice i love it. lol i feel bad, u guys are all doing these whole long sotries and all i do is a short paragraph lol
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Orc of Shadow... Redeemer of Light Part 4
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